I am thrilled to announce that my new campaign called “RED is for RESCUED” (Red4Rescued for short) has finally hit the streets and is reaching out to the rescue community!

Red4Rescued‘s purpose is to raise the general public’s awareness of rescued animals, and hopefully draw attention to the remaining six million homeless animals that are waiting every day to be loved. We’re asking “owners” (caretakers) of rescued pets to tie a red ribbon to their pet’s collar or leash, which will be visible to the public.   We want everyone to see just how many rescues there are already out there, and just how wonderful they are.   Unfortunately, there is still often a belief by some that if an animal was brought to a shelter or rescue, there must be something wrong with them. We all know that’s not true, but we also want to prove it. So the more red ribbons people see floating around on the streets, attached to already rescued animals, the more they will understand that rescued animals are wonderful and we are all part of an elite and proud club!   And there’s only one way to become a member!

With so many already homeless animals in the population, and more every day, it is time to STOP BREEDING and BUYING pets! I sincerely believe though that not enough people truly understand, or are even at all aware, of the severity and expanse of the situation. We’re hoping that the red ribbons will not only be a visual validation, but that it will be a conversation starter. That if someone tells you they’ve seen these red ribbons on a lot of pets, and asks you what the ribbon is for, you can tell them that it’s a way of letting people know that your wonderful pet was rescued and that there are over six million more (a low estimate, and just a little bit less than the entire human population of Missouri) waiting for homes. You can let them know, in your own way, that it is no longer cool (or acceptable) to be buying or breeding animals, that it’s about “snob appeal” and that’s also NOT cool, but what IS cool is helping an animal and becoming part of the solution instead of adding to the problem. You can tell them that every time another animal is born or bought, and animal that already needs a home will sit in a crate for who knows how much longer.   You can tell them that if the animals are in a city shelter they’re on death row and will more than likely, eventually, be walked to the “kill room”. And tell them that if they are buying puppies, whether from a breeder or a pet shop, the mother is most likely being used merely as a breeding machine with no regard by the OWNER to anything but money, and in many cases the breeding male and female are abused and highly neglected. You can tell them that there are also thousands of “backyard breeders”, as they are called, who tear the puppies away from their mothers and their litter at not more than a week or so old, just to turn a quick profit. It is a form of abuse to remove an animal from its mother before a minimum of six to 8 weeks. Animals removed before that often end up with behavioral issues which often cause them then to be neglected, abused and abandoned by the same humans who bought them.

Our rescued pets and homeless animals can’t speak for themselves, so we’re hoping that red ribbons and you will help speak for them. Of course you can use any red ribbon, but if you would like the official “Red is for Rescued!” imprinted ribbon and the accompanying logo card as seen here,  you can go to and fill out a contact form. We can work out the details by phone, for now. Every item on the site including the ribbons, cards, t-shirts, hoodies, iron-on transfers and car magnets (some not yet pictured on the site but I’m working on it) will be sold at my cost plus postage. This is not a money making venture, and any dollars received will be returned to the campaign to further the cause and help homeless animals. I’m looking forward to the day when there is a sea of red ribbons attached to rescued animals all over the country!

So go to the website to order, or put any red ribbon on your rescued pet and spread the word.   Either way, please, TIE ONE ON FOR HOMELESS ANIMALS! Woo-hoo!



One thought on “RED is for RESCUED!”

  1. Love it!

    On Oct 23, 2016 2:42 PM, “ANIMAL CONSCIOUS, Speaking for the Animals” wrote:

    > example58943 posted: “I am thrilled to announce that my new campaign > called “RED is for RESCUED” (Red4Rescued for short) has finally hit the > streets and is reaching out to the rescue community! Red4Rescued’s purpose > is to raise the general public’s awareness of rescued anim” >


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