5 Ways Thieves Could Steal Your Dog

There has been such a proliferation of stolen dogs lately that I thought it important to include an article about prevention.  Everywhere I go now I see heartbreaking fliers and posters made by people searching for their lost pets.  Although it’s true that some of them may actually have wandered off somehow, the fact that most of them seem to be small, pedigreed dogs makes me think that there is more going on.  Small pedigreed dogs bring a hefty price in the market, and it is a very LARGE market.  As noted in the article, there is also money to be made by selling animals to research labs, but the article doesn’t mention that there is also a market for cats.  Where your pet is concerned, like your children, be safe rather than sorry.  Have a look at this article from Care2 to learn how thieves work and how to keep them away from your pet:



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