Little Bella seems to be having some issues which aren’t responding to antibiotics.  I started looking online for plants or weeds in my yard that she might be eating (because she tries to eat EVERYTHING) that could be causing her problems.  The list is over 700 species long, but there is one that seems to be the worst and that is Foxtail Grass.  This grass isn’t as bad for its toxicity as for the fact that the seeds are barbed, much like a fish hook, and if ingested can become embedded in an animal’s internal organs.  Foxtail is VERY common.  I have it in my yard and never thought much of it, but I will definitely be taking measures to get rid of it now.  Keep in mind that even if your pet isn’t a plant eater,  Foxtail can lodge in their paws or fur and be ingested by your pet if they try to remove it with their mouths.  Here are two photos to help you identify this plant:

Foxtail-Grass-Can-Kill-Your-Dogs-fbFoxtail close up


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